Have you ever wished you could get a clear stamp set customized with just what YOU WANTED on it?
Perhaps you have a set of sentiments, quotes, single words, addresses or even simple shapes that you would like made into clear stamps; well now we can create a personalized set of clear photopolymer stamps to fit your needs.

Also you can add to your custom stamp set ANY of the images from our Cutting Cafe Online printable - digital store here.
We offer a HUGE SELECTION of Printable Images. You might want to spend some time checking out all of the images at this site. You can start by clicking here for a few different sentiments - images you might like.

You can order from 4 different size sheets. Everything you can place within each square size will be included in your stamp set. Each size is inches.


2 by 2.75:   $7.99

3 by 4:      $11.99

4 by 5:      $16.99

6 by 7.75  $27.99

Plus Shipping & Handling
California Residences will also be charged taxes.

YOU ALSO GET FOR FREE IMAGE OUTLINES - CUTTING FILES to go along with your images upon request. For example the Party Hat below would come with a image outline - cutting file. Read more about IMAGE OUTLINES AND CUTTING FILES HERE.
Please note, some images-sentiments may not be able to be made into cutting files - image outlines.


Here's how to order:

Our smaller size sheet of 2 by 2.75 inches is perfect for ordering a personalized circle stamp for the back of your cards and there is also room to add a return address if you like.

Here are a few samples:

Sample of order 3 by 4 inch sheet

If you have a graphics program or something like Word you can draw a box the size of the set you want and then place the items inside of the square (be sure to leave some room around each item) Then save as a JPEG and email me your request to 

Here is a sample of how the 3 by 4inch would look sent to me through email

3 by 4 square
this set also includes two images from our Cutting Cafe Store -
the HAT and the PRESENT are from the BIRTHDAY FUN SET

Option 2 
This option is best if your not familiar with adding your items to graphic programs and such.
Email me your idea of what you would like on your set and I can help you with determining the best size for what your wanting.

Using the same sentiments and image above you could email me stating:

I would like to create a set in the size of 3 by 4 with the following:
Merry Christmas (I want around 1.5 inches)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (I want around 2.5 inches)

Regina Easter
1212 Smart Lane
Love, Ohio 999999

I would also like 2 hearts - one solid and one not
Also I would like to include in my set the following two images from your BIRTHDAY FUN printable set
PARTY HAT with black and white dots and present

I would then work up a sample for you BEFORE the stamp set is created.

If your wanting to use an image from The Cutting Cafe, please let me know which image(s) from which set(s) and I will create the whole set up for you.
These images and sentiments can also be sized to your needs.

Maybe you have a FAVORITE QUOTE, or saying or even image that you have once thought about selling on your own personal blog or other place? Well even though The Cutting Cafe Shop doesn't do mass manufacturing of clear stamps, you can still offer a selection of clear stamps on your site or other places you may have wanted to sell them by using our largest custom sheet size of approx. 6 x 7.75 inches for $25.99 a sheet....Here are a few samples of what could fit on the sheet. Then you could sell them at the price you would like.

If your not going to use an image from The Cutting Cafe site PLEASE MAKE SURE it is NOT A COPYRIGHTED IMAGE and that you have permission to use that image.

Please be prepared to allow at least 7 working days from after receiving the final proof to me shipping out the stamp set.

Here are a few sample sets that have been made for customers:

This first set is PERFECT FOR STAMP FAVORS for your guest - you can get 4 on a 3x4 sheet size






Please don't hesitate to EMAIL me with ANY QUESTIONS you may have

thank you
Regina E.